20 Top Antioxidant Foods

In general, most fruits, vegetables and spices are loaded with antioxidants. but ...

  • of different combinations of antioxidants (for example, even amongst the variety of apples, they vary in the types of antioxidants they contain)


  • of the various antioxidants each contain, the strength/quantity of each type of the antioxidants is likely to be different (for example, different variety of apples may have different amounts of Vitamin A)

The following best of categories is a good introduction, especially if you are new to the world of antioxidants. Truth of the matter is, the full list is many times longer that the suggestions below.  Top 10, or even 20. does not do the list any justice.

Bearing in mind, too, that this list uses the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, one of a few types of measures) which measures the amount/"strength" of an antioxidant. Since, foods can consist of many types of antioxidants and, different antioxidant combinations work best for different health scenarios, the following list really is only ONE of the (many?) ways to "grade" antioxidants.

Just for purposes of a comparison, here are the top 20 Antioxidant Foods.


Rank Food item Serving size Total antioxidant capacity
per serving size

1 Small Red Bean (dried) - Half cup, ORAC value 13,727

2 Wild Blueberry  - 1 cup, ORAC value 13,427

3 Red Kidney Bean (dried) - Half cup, ORAC value 13,259

4 Pinto Bean - Half cup, ORAC value 11,864

5 Blueberry (cultivated)  - 1 cup, ORAC value 9,019

6 Cranberry  - 1 cup (whole) 8,983

7 Artichoke (cooked) - 1 cup (hearts), ORAC value 7,904

8 Blackberry - 1 cup, ORAC value 7,701

9 Prune  - Half cup, ORAC value 7,291

10 Raspberry - 1 cup, ORAC value 6,058

11 Strawberry - 1 cup, ORAC value 5,938

12 Red Delicious Apple - 1 whole, ORAC value 5,900

13 Granny Smith Apple - 1 whole, ORAC value 5,381

14 Pecan - 1 ounce, ORAC value 5,095

15 Sweet Cherry - 1 cup, ORAC value 4,873

16 Black plum 1 whole, ORAC value 4,844

17 Russet Potato (cooked) - 1 whole, ORAC value 4,649

18 Black Bean (dried) - Half cup, ORAC value 4,181

19 Plum - 1 whole, ORAC value 4,118

20 Gala Apple - 1 whole, ORAC value 3,903


Source :   Wikipedia

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