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Firstly, thank you for stopping by! If I may say so, I believe you may be in this site:

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Welcome to an informative, all-in-one site, about antioxidants and their health benefits!

Yes, the aim is to provide all the information - simplified and easy to understand (and to use) information all by clicking through the pages in this one site.

Indeed it is a big task, I don't disagree ... but I am passionate about this subject, and passionate about health, having been ill for a good part of my life, and rediscovered good health all over again ... all with the help of antioxidants! (please see below)

Yes! Absolutely, Fabulously "YES"! Antioxidants turned my life around! That's why I am so passionate about sharing information on it (or them) ! ;-)

"Information is not king, but how you use that information can make you a King."

I honestly can't recall who said this - and I read this quote pre-Google days! - but let's think about it for a minute ... with the internet, information is available to us by the truck loads, but how much of those information do we or can we actually utilize?

We really only need "sufficient" information, as simple to digest as possible, and enough for us to be able to use? Any more than that, we really have too much time on our hands ... which may not be a bad thing.

There are gazillion of information out there - on the Internet as well as books and magazines. It can take a lot effort to try and put it all together; just to gain an understanding of antioxidants and what they can do for your health  ...  I can empathize, as I have been on that path. ;-(

Then, I thought ... with the demands of today's lifestyle, a lot of us do not have the luxury of time to read and research as widely as we would like to ... and in some cases, we don't even have the time to read and research, simply just to gain an understanding of the subject matter; to get us on our feet on the subject matter.

This is where I hope I can be of help ... by providing simplified and easy to use information to help you gain an understanding ... to get you started on this topic, antioxidants! ... And hopefully, too, providing you with sufficient information to encourage you to deepen your own research ... ;-)

And where possible, I will try to provide the information in a fun way!

Health is, after all, a serious subject; it can be difficult to make it "fun".

On the other hand, taking this serious subject in a light-hearted approach, can be good for your health.

Here's to a Healthy Journey!!!


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As we continue to add and share information in this site, we hope you'd come back to visit us often, to check out newly added information.

Health by Antioxidants 
… the latest Health Craze?

Yes, it’s definitely a health craze but it’s unlikely going to be the last. This craze is relatively new, but the interesting thing is that antioxidants have been around a long … long … long … long time!

It's just that we didn’t quite discovered them until about 40 odd years ago – when improved medical technology allowed us to look deeper into cellular activities; revealing Nature’s secret gift - Nature's Health Remedy!

It took another 20 to 30 years of further research and studies, before it became a marketed supplement.  Although, by then, some antioxidants had already been in the market, sold as individual products,  such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, and so on; they were not sold as "antioxidants".

It was a few more years on the shelves in the market as "antioxidants", before it became a "trendy" supplement.  Then the buzz sets in; although still not as well known as the "Vitamins" and the "Minerals", as these latter products have been around as supplements, years ahead.

Like all natural remedies and therapies, it can appear controversial - depending on what you read. And like all natural remedies and therapies, the test is in the pudding – that is, one needs to try it out, to know if it works for you.

However, to give it a fair trial, it must be tried and tested in the correct way … and to do so, one needs an informed understanding of Nature’s Health Remedy; to prove that it is not going to be just another passing trend.

Never mind "trends" and "craze" ... the important thing is whether antioxidants can benefit you, health-wise. Interested to find out more about antioxidants?

... Jump to “What are antioxidants?” ? Or, find out more what this website can offer you.


Anti- what?

What is an antioxidant anyway?

Is it a Vitamin? Is it a Mineral? Is it an Enzyme? Is it a Fiber? Is it a Phytonutrient? What about Phytochemicals?

Actually ... it is a class of its own that includes some Vitamins, some Minerals, some Amino Acids, and Enzymes, too. And depending where we get these antioxidants, they come with fiber, too. And some are also phytonutrients, or phytochemicals.

Antioxidants are classified by what they do, that is they counter the oxidation process. Hence, the name “anti” and “oxidant”.

Their work to counter the oxidation process, in turn, protects our cells from damages caused by the oxidation process (prevention).  They also repair the damages caused by the oxidation process (cure).

(For "oxidation process" - check out the "Free Radicals and Oxidation" page).

Hence, not all Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Enzymes are antioxidants. Only those that give us this "anti"-"oxidant" effect are therefore, antioxidants.


The Purpose of Their Being

Why do we need antioxidants anyway?

As mentioned above, we use antioxidants to counter the effects of oxidation – oxidation being the same process that causes fruits to rot, nails to rust, paints to peel, plastic to crack, and our bodies to degenerate … more precisely, our cells to degenerate. We are, after all, the collection of our total cells – believe it or not, all 100 trillion of them! (cite: Wikipedia).

Scientists have now agreed that oxidation is the cause of most of the degenerative diseases, as oppose to diseases caused by germs and viruses  (infectious diseases). While antioxidants help us fight diseases due to degeneration, it doesn’t help us in germ warfare … not directly, in any case. They help us keep our body healthy and the immune system alert, and give us a good fighting chance against germs and viruses.

If we take care of our cells, we take care of our body. With antioxidants we take care of our bodies, at the cellular level. And that's where good health begins!

Sorting into Categories

As I had mentioned earlier, Antioxidants are known for what they do - that it, they counter, or in some cases, neutralizes, the effects of free radicals. And where they do this wonderful work, is usually how they are categorized:

  • Water soluble - in the environment surrounding the cells.
  • Fat soluble - on the cell membranes, as cell membranes are essentially"fats".
  • or, Both water and fat soluble - on the cell membranes and inside the cells. It has to be fat soluble to penetrate the cell membranes, and water soluble to work their magic inside the cells.

Side Note: "Types of Antioxidants" page has more detailed explanation.

However, for general referencing, they are more commonly known as the Nutrient Family they belong - as follows:

  • Antioxidant Vitamins
  • Antioxidant Minerals (though, not technically; as explained in Types of Antioxidants)
  • Antioxidant Protein (Amino Acids)
  • Antioxidant Enzymes and Antioxidant Coenzymes
  • Antioxidant Phytonutrients/Antioxidant Phytochemicals

                o   Carotenoids

                o   Ellagic acid

                o   Flavonoids

                o   Resveratrol

               o   Glucosinolates

               o   Phyoestrogens

  • Antioxidant Other – including water


Side Note: The above categorization is not universal. I have adopted what I think makes sense from a “lay” perspective, to aid understanding and, for ease of referencing.


Types and Names

Here's a small list of examples of the different types of antioxidants within each Nutrient Family:

  • Under Vitamins, there are:

                o   Vitamin A

                o   Vitamin C

                o   Vitamin E

                o   Vitamin K

  • Under Protein (Amino Acids), there are:

                o   Alpha Lipoic Acid

               o   Glutathione

  • Under Phytonutrients/Phytochemicals, there are:

                o  Carotenoids

                    §  Lutein

                    §  Lycopene

                    §  Zeaxanthin

               o   Ellagic acid

               o   Flavonoids (a type of Polyphenol)

                    §  Gingko Biloba

                    §  Pycnogenol

              o   Resveratrol

              o   Glucosinolates

              o   Phytoestrogens

  • Under Minerals, there are:

                 o   Manganese

                 o   Iodide

                 o   Zinc

  • Under Enzymes and Coenzymes, there are:

                o   DHEA

                o   Coenzyme Q10              

                o   Superoxide Dismutase

                o   Catalase

                o   Glutathione Peroxidase

                o   Melatonin

  • Under Antioxidants Other – including water, we have:

                o   Hydrogen enriched water

Networking to Serve You Better

What is the Antioxidant Network? They network?

The antioxidant network is a small group of antioxidants that works together very well.  While some antioxidants do support another or each other in some ways, there is a small group that appear to work together very well.

Currently, there are 5 antioxidants known to belong to this group.

If the antioxidants belonging to this group are found in the body at the same time or consumed together, their combined effectiveness is greater than when they work alone, not just because there are more antioxidants, but also because they support each other very well and, some can "re-cycle" others.

Sidekicks called “Boosters”

Super Hero: Antioxidant

Some Superheros have sidekicks. With this Superhero, the Boosters (sidekicks) help them do their job in protecting our cells better.

Some of these boosters are antioxidants themselves, some not.

They do supportive work like the Networks guys but they do not limit themselves to the Gang of 5 in the Network.

These wonderful sidekicks, Network Boosters, include :


Master Antioxidant and Universal Antioxidant

What about Master Antioxidant? Yes, indeed there is a Master Antioxidant, one who can re-cycle itself and all of those in the Network Antioxidant. There is only one known today.

And, let's not forget the Universal Antioxidant! One and only one known today, too.

What Foods Have Antioxidants?

Antioxidants Galore

When I think of antioxidants, I immediately think of fruits – berries, citrus, avocado, etc, etc … but antioxidants are also found in :

  • Vegetables  (yes, agree quite commonly known)
  • Beans and Nuts
  • Chocolate (some of you may be sitting up and paying attention now)
  • Herbs and spices (them, too?)
  • Mushrooms (those things that grow in the dark can help counter oxidation, too!)
  • Beverages

                 o   Coffee and Tea

                 o   and what about red wine ? (some paying even more attention, and some others are starting to tune in ...)

                 o   and even water …. (Hmm … now this is getting a little too strange …)

  • Zoochemicals (now, what is this ?! ... some might even be asking ...)

I know I may be stating the obvious but … not all Foods (and water) are antioxidants, .... believe it or not .... and not all antioxidants are food; some antioxidants are used in the industrial sectors but they are mainly synthetic antioxidants - mostly not for consumption.

Check out the space on left column (sorry ... closer to top of the page) for specific antioxidant foods ... and, for a general write up on antioxidant foods (or, click on this link), ... I aim to continue to add more information on specific foods, as we continue to expand on "Antioxidant Foods". Watch this space!  ;-)

What about Best Antioxidants? Or, Top Antioxidants?

How are antioxidants graded? Are they graded?

Is there such a thing as "best of" categories for antioxidants?

To Supplement or Not To Supplement, That is the Question

How much supplement though?

Should we supplement our diet with antioxidants? After all, they are already in the food we eat! (some are saying ...)

Who should be taking these antioxidants supplements? Women? Men? Children? What about antioxidants for pets?

Supplements are generally required, if we are not getting enough nutrients from our diets and/or if our health conditions require much more than our diets can provide. All said, the first source of our nutrients should be from the foods we eat. Supplement, only if and when necessary.

To ensure the supplements are the right ones for you ... no matter how natural they are said to be ... it's best to be an informed consumer! Do your own research if you like to, but also, it would be advisable to seek advice from the right certified medical practitioners.

A very simplistic example, I was told by a nutritionist (when I was still in maximum CFS state) that Ginseng, which is known to provide energy for healthy people, is not of much use for my condition ... it's akin to "flogging a dead horse". I was the "dead horse" and Ginseng was the "whip" ;-(

At the moment, I have not included this section but I will do so in the near future ...

Side note: The information contained anywhere in this site is purely for information and educational purposes only. These information should not be taken to override any medical advice you have been given; and in no way, should be considered as medical advice. Any information that you obtained from this site or associated sites, or any third party sites obtained from or linked to this site or associate sites, must be clarified by your own research. You must always consult your medical care provider before attempting to use any information contained herein this site or associate sites, or any third party sites obtained from or linked to this website or associate sites. (Please see "Disclaimer")

Products Made from Antioxidants

Heard about products made from antioxidants? Skin care, body care … and products for anti-aging …

Unless one is totally healthy inside that it shows on the outside, we usually need some "external" products to help with the aesthetic look and feel of the external of the body. (And who needs an excuse to pamper ourselves?)

Thankfully, there are products made from antioxidants to help us to look and feel good on the outside!!!

Again, I have not covered this topic .... but will do so in the near future ...

Like All Natural Remedies, It Can Be Controversial.

It is a known fact that natural or alternative medicines and therapies are controversial.

At the end of the day, we take responsibility to be as informed as we can about our own health – whether we are seeking a cure or, even just for health and preventative measures.

The test is always in the pudding ... that is to say, the natural remedies or therapies need to be put to the test to know ... to see, if it works, and more importantly, if it works for you!

I tested two antioxidant products after I saw remarkable results on a friend. I went cold turkey (dropping all my other supplements over night; all of which I relied on terribly for my health conditions I had then).

In 2 days (!) I regained so much energy and the (24/7) pain I had from fibromyalgia, never returned (disappeared within 2 days of starting these antioxidant supplements!).

Sure! I am still not 100% better because my conditions had been with me for years (some more than 15 years!) BUT,

  • I am almost 90% (if I could put a % on it) better than I felt 3 years ago.
  • I was almost 80% (if I could put % on it) better within 2 weeks.
  • I recently attended a grueling (in terms of hours, and sleeping hours) course that allowed little sleep and, I managed just as well as all the other participants (all younger than me! ... not bragging, but was most amazed I could keep up. I would have collapsed if I did this 3 years ago).
  • I had blood tests done, and my DHEA levels went up (my doctor told me I have in fact "gone younger" biologically ... I could only smile with delight, at age 50!)
  • yes, it took 3 years but my cellulite is so minimal now ... I am, again, impressed!
  • yes, it took 6 months but I soon noticed my spider veins (I had them for about 20 years!) started to reduce ... and now after 3 years, my "painting of a river delta" on my left thigh is slowly but surely fading!
  • and, my pain from fibromyalgia  ... my pain which used to wake me up in the middle of the night ... never returned ! ... after day 2, 3 years ago!

So, I tested the pudding ... it worked well for me from the beginning, and still working for me!

Yes, some folks I know took longer to see results, and a handful gave up before they could see the effects ... sadly ...

So, the Million Dollar question is, how long does it takes to show results (... I heard, "if any?"), really depends on:

  • how toxic one's body is  (at the point when testing)
  • how taxed is the detox system - the liver, the kidneys, the skin, the lungs, the colons and intestines .... at the point when testing
  • how long the (any) health conditions have existed (at the point when testing)
  • how many conditions are one talking about
  • when taking alternative or natural medicine, is one's lifestyle still "toxic"? If so, it could be that the natural medicines and/or therapies could, in fact be working on "sustaining" and, have no opportunities to "heal" the body (yet) ... that is to say, they are busy trying to keep up with clearing the daily toxins that keeps getting into the body (and additionally, attempting, if they can, to clear those already there!). Hence, healing effects may not be (s0) obvious then.

All these is to say, a lot of factors need to be considered before one can say, if it (or they) works or not work ... and maybe, it could simply be a case that the dosage needs tweaking to suit one's body (?).

As a rule of thumb, will need a minimal of 6 months, to test.

Detox, a Forward Step in the Healing Journey

Other things to consider, are that with natural medicines and natural remedies, the effect of the remedies or medicines is:

  • usually to detox first before healing can set it.
  • Yes, detox and healing can occur concurrently --- how much each way depends on how effective the body can function (at that point in time) and what the remedies (or therapies) used are.

Back to the Ginseng (can be an expensive herb!) example, if one's detox system (especially the humble colon and intestines) is toxic, most of the Ginseng can't be absorbed by the body ... not even for energy purpose, depending on how toxic the systems are ... but the intelligent body will possibly use the Ginseng to clear toxins (more likely, in the colon and intestines) first. So, while healing may not be (s0) obvious, the body could still be experiencing detox.

Detox is a sign of healing!

Maybe not an obvious sign nor a widely accepted sign of healing for some folks, and which may not come across as signs of "healing" for some folks ... but detox is part of the healing process!

Know Your Body and Its State

All said, IF you intend to put any natural or alternative medicines or therapies to test (any medication or healing modalities for that matter), please do so under the guidance of a certified practitioner or practitioners (please see "Disclaimer").

And always (!) keep track of any changes, both positive and negative. Track and tweak, if need be. Sorry to be brutally blunt (and stating the obvious)... but no one can be with you, except you yourself, for 24 hours in day ... while others may notice some changes in you - it is usually only you who would (and should) know and notice the changes.

Monitor, observe and track, for any healing effects  ... or the absence of it (though not obvious, healing could still be taking place).

Last but not least, (always) be an informed patient or, informed consumer!

Studies are Ongoing, like All Medical Researches

Research today is on-going, but the use of antioxidants as health remedies, dates back to ancient times. They may not have been known as "antioxidants" then, but as most natural foods contain high amounts of antioxidants, they quite possibly have been the "cure" of the ancient world.  Some of these ancient remedies are still being used today.

Example of  foods rich in antioxidants, used for medicinal purposes:

  • herbs - turmeric, garlic, ginger
  • fruits - pomegranates, kumquat, kava kava
  • tea
  • honey

"Vis medicatrix naturae", a phrase attributed to Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, simply means ... let nature cures.

Natural and alternative remedies and therapies have been around for a long time.

However, they are not perceived to be effective against infectious diseases in modern times than they had in ancient times, especially in critical/chronic situation.

This could simply be due to mutations of the germs and viruses, which could possibly mean that higher dosages may be required, than those prescribed in ancient times. Hence, ancient formula and dosages may need to be altered, to counter modern day germs and viruses.

Secondly, today, all living things are exposed to more free radicals (more stress, bad environmental factors, etcetera, etcetera), and again, this will likely require adjustment to higher dosages or, a different remedy mix, to be effective against modern day's ills.  (Track and tweak?)

Ancient remedies, if taken at the “corrected” dosage meant for modern times, could possibly be as potent as they were in ancient times.


In any case, when used as a preventative measure (in corrected amounts to suit modern times and/or individual bodies), it can provide the cells, and hence the body, the necessary armory to fight against both degenerative and infectious diseases.

Good Health ... can really be simple and natural! The Antioxidants' way!

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