Apples, Antioxidants and Vitamins Abundant, Number 1 Superfood of Yester Year

Apples - No. 1 Superfood of Yester Years

If the word "superfood" existed in yester years (we are only talking about 30 years or so ago), I would imagine that apples would have won the title as the number 1 Superfood - hands down!

The old adage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" would have supported its status.

Alas, for the poor apple, its glory day is no longer. Now, other foods have moved up the Superfood list. Although no longer at the top of the list, it is still on the list. And it is no longer glorified as it had been in yester years ...

Appearing in many mythologies, its imprint in history and myths will remain tops! It is one fruit (and food!) that is here to stay.

In any case, the humble apple is still potent as a health food!!!

Apples' Main Nutrients

  • Antioxidant:    Flavonoids, Vitamin C
  • Other:               Vitamin C, Pectin

Interesting stuff on Apples

Native of:

  • Central Asia

Now Found/Grown in:

  • Worldwide

While there are hundreds of variety of apples found today, its wild ancestor can still be found in Central Asia, where it originates.

Some of the more common variety found in supermarkets, include:

  • Red Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Gala 
  • Royal Gala
  • Jazz
  • Red Jonathan
  • Rubens
  • Ambrosia

The interesting thing is that different variety of apples have different amounts of antioxidants.

Examples of Health Benefits of Apples

  • Anti-cancer
  • Protect against heart diseases
  • Lower blood cholesterol
  • Contains, Malic Acid, one of the ingredients used in a natural gall stones removal remedy - aids softening the stones for expelling

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