10 Top Antioxidant Herbs and Antioxidant Spices

... and Spices

As with all natural foods, it is difficult to select the top 10 antioxidant herbs and spices; as almost all (if not all) herbs and spices are loaded with antioxidants.

As with all natural foods, this suggested (limited) list below, is really just to make a comparison, this list should in fact be longer ... and can vary.

In any case, for the sake of creating a list, below is a list of top 10:

1)   Oregano

... has, amongst the many types of antioxidants it carries, thymol and rosmarinic acid.

2)   Cloves

... has flavonoid antioxidant.

3)   Garlic

... contains allicin antioxidant.

4)   Ginger

Raw ginger has a type of antioxdant called gingerol. When cooked, gingerol tranforms into zingerone. However, drying process transforms gingerol into shogaols, a different chemical but similar to gingerol.

5)   Turmeric

 ... contains curcumin antioxidant.

6)   Cinnamon

... has polyphenol antioxidant.

7)   Rosemary

... has carnosol and rosmarinic antioxidants.

8)   Sage

... has rosmarinic antioxidant.

9)   Thyme

... has flavonoids antioxidant. The oil derived from thyme has thymol antioxidant.

10)  Basil

... has flavonoids antioxidant, too.

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