Ginger contains a potent Antioxidant, Gingerol

Ginger, Cut and in Dry-Powder Form

Ginger, is used in many parts of the world as a "gastromonic enhancer" (enhance the taste of foods!), its reputation as traditional medicine, stretches as far and as wide as its gastronomical reputation.

We, now, know why its is so potent as a medicinal herb. It has a type of antioxidant, gingerol, that is unique only to ginger.

Ginger's Main Nutrients

  • Antioxidant:    Phytonutrients  (gingerol), Manganese, Selenium
  • Other:               Phytonutrients (gingerol), Iron, Calcium, Vitamin (B), Manganese, Magnesium, Selenium

Interesting stuff on Ginger

Native of:

  • Southern China

Now Found\Grown in:

  • Many parts of the world

Young Ginger

Generally speaking, old ginger has more medicinal values than young ginger. However, young ginger has its specific uses, too, in traditional medicine.

Parts of Ginger that can be used:

One type of edible Ginger Flower
  • Leaves - fresh and dried
  • Flowers (however, not all ginger flowers are edible)
  • Root (most used part of the ginger)
  • Oil (from the root)

Examples of Health Benefits of Ginger

  • Antioxidant capabilities
  • Anti-inflammatory 

Has a two-prong protection; gingerol neutralizes the effects of free radicals, and it also inhibits the pro-inflammatory compounds.

  • Anti-cancer, in particular, ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer
  • Aids digestion
  • Helps relief nausea and motion sickness
  • Boost Immune System

In the case of a cold or flu, taking ginger induces sweating. Sweating both detoxifies the body as well as helps secrete a type of germ fighting agent produced by the skin.

Ginger Flower, usually strikingly beautiful, but not all are edible

Some precautions

  • may increase bile secretion. Hence, folks with history of gallstones should be cautious when taking ginger supplement, or taking big amounts of ginger.
  • may irritate digestive tract, especially for those with digestive tract issues (such as gastro

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