Garlic, Nature's Anti-biotic, Usually Stinky but has Aphrodisiac Effects

Garlic, Aphrodisiac

Terms of endearment:

  • The Stinking Rose

A more potent form than the raw form, is the Aged Garlic Extract, where garlic extracts are allowed to go through an aging process. This aging process enhances the healing capabilities of garlic.

The highly recommended brand is Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. I, personally, was taking it for many years, and have only good things to say about it. I still take it on the rare odd occasion, these days, when I have a flu, for its anti-bacterial and immune boosting qualities.

The use of garlic dates back thousand of years, as much as 7,000 years. It's use for its medicinal values dates, just as far back. It's been called "the oldest medical remedy"!

It was also so valuable that it was in ancient times, it was used as an exchange commodity. It was worth its weight in gold! Still is, medically!

A side "stinky" joke:

How much garlic do we need to be aroused by it?

Answer:    A sackful

Smart Alec question:   Oh ... then, how does one deal with the stinking breath?

Garlic's Main Nutrients

  • Antioxidant:    Phytonutrients (allicin), Selenium, Manganese, Vitamin (A,C), Zinc, Germanium
  • Other:               Phytonutrients, Selenium, Manganese, Vitamin (A,C), Zinc, Germanium

Interesting stuff on Garlic

Native of:

  • Central Asia

Now Found\Grown in:

  • Worldwide (China has the highest production)

Crushed or chopped garlic, allowed to sit or "aired" before cooking, increases its antioxidant capabilities. This is due to the a type of enzymes, alliinase, which is "activated" when garlic is crushed or chopped.

Parts of Garlic that can be used:

The Stinking Rose
  • Stalk - fresh
  • Flowers - fresh and dried
  • Bulb
  • Oil  (from its bulb)

Examples of Health Benefits of Garlic

  • Antioxidant capabilities

Rich in phytonutrients (allicin, quercetin), which are also antioxidants, counters free radical and free radical effects on cells.

  • Anti-bacterial

Sulphur compounds (allicin) and quercetin, have anti-bacterial effects.

  • Anti-fungal

Sulphur compounds (allicin) and quercetin, have anti-fungal effects.

  • Boost Immune System

Sulphur compounds and antioxidants, boost the immune system

  • Aid in boosting iron level
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Anti-cancer (especially the Aged Garlic Extracts)
  • Cancer Fighter
  • Balances and Lower blood sugar

Only Aged Garlic Extract balances blood sugar, preventing wild fluctuations.

Raw garlic lowers blood sugar (and does not balance blood sugar).

  • Assist in fat metabolism

Recent research on:

  • Garlic's ability to regulate a type of fat cells

Some precautions

  • Garlic can act as blood thinner. Those on blood thinning medications should be cautious when taking garlic supplement, or when adding large amounts of garlic in the diet.
  • Garlic (especially in raw form) may trigger food sensitivity in folks with Irritable Bowels Syndrome (IBS).
  • Too much raw garlic can lower blood sugar suddenly. Hence, folks who are hypoglycemic should be cautious about how much raw garlic is consumed, at any one time.

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